Is It Worth Visiting Goa During the Monsoons?


Goa is known as the beach capital of India, which is also famous for its seafood and feni. Tourism is the primary industry of this Indian state and people visit it from all over the world.

The months from October to March suit the tourists most as the weather is perfect and they love indulging in water sports. In April and May, the weather turns humid, which results in fewer people visiting the place.

The months from June to September are when the monsoon is in full swing in the state. There are both pros and the cons of visiting Goa during this time. After weighing these pros and cons, one can decide whether it’s worth visiting Goa during the monsoons or not.

Pros of Visiting Goa in Monsoons

  • The flight tickets are dirt cheap and you can book a round trip for less than what you would pay for one side during the peak season.

  • You will get accommodation at 50% or cheaper rates during the monsoon months and that too near the most preferred beaches.

  • The iconic Dudhsagar falls of Goa are at its best. The best activity that you can indulge in Goa during monsoons is a trek up the falls and see the powerful gush of this mighty falls.

  • It is always recommended to rent a bike and zoom your way through. In monsoons, the rents come down and you can enjoy monsoon glory while driving with little drops splashing against your face.

  • One of the best places to be in Goa during monsoons is Chapora Fort. When it is cloudy, the beauty of this fort enhances multiple times.

  • During monsoons, the wildlife sanctuaries and the spice plantations become beautiful with a lush green fresh feel and all washed up.

Cons of Visiting Goa in Monsoons

  • Though the rains and the storms can be quite fascinating and dramatic to watch, the unpredictability of weather can be daunting at times.

  • The beaches are not at their best. They are a little litter-strewn and the water is murky and rough for swimming. If you want to laze on the beach, then perhaps monsoons are not the best months to do so.

  • The glory of beachside shacks is not in its prime with many of them half torn and dilapidated. If you love late night beach parties, then monsoon is not the right season for you.

If you love rain, you should be in Goa to experience it in the most beautiful way. It makes the place all the more pristine and romantic or else you can avoid Goa during this time.


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