Get Your Business Online Step By Step

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what Do I Need To Get My Business On The Internet?

You are going to need a domain name,  some hosting, and you are going to need a website.

Now, with the website, there’s a couple of options that I’d like to talk to you about, which is having a blog and just doing some basic marketing. But what I’m gonna tell you here, you don’t have to spend a ton of money. So let’s just quickly go through them in order. First of all, we’re going to need a domain name. And you have to think about your domain name, this is your internet real estate. So this, for example, is a, or .com-type domain name.

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Now there’s loads and loads of different extensions out there, but what I always say to my customers is, “Just take the, and the .com off the market.”

If you’re UK  business, then I’d use the as the main one, because that identifies you as being based in the UK. If you’re elsewhere, then get the .com. But I do like to get the .com, just so that I take it off the market, to stop somebody, sort of, what they call domain squatting. Cybersquatting, as well it’s referred to as. What you can do is you can redirect to the .com through to the domain name.

So, if someone types .com by mistake, they’ll go through to the That’s called to domain parking, and that’s a free feature that you get with your web hosting plan.

And in terms of choosing the actual domain name yourself, don’t feel you’re restricted by the registered name of your company.

So, in the UK  for example, you need to register with Companies House, if you’re setting up a limited company. So, if you’re in another country, I’m sure you’ll have your own particular government-regulated, body or local body, which will register businesses for you, if it’s a state or whatever it may be.


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