Customer Experience in Banking: Digital Marketing


Listen, engage and participate in digital conversations with your customers

Digital natives like Google have set a new benchmark for customer experience. They have demonstrated the ease of bringing together multiple services on a single platform. They communicate consistently, in real-time and with a level of contextual awareness that delivers personalized, meaningful digital marketing. People now want their financial services providers to do the same.

At a time of increasing competition from FinTechs and non-traditional players, how can your bank enhance communications, improve loyalty and increase revenue?

With Atos Digital Marketing, you can transform your existing campaign communications. Across email, social media, mobile and print, Digital Marketing will give you a holistic management capability that will help you stay relevant to your customers.

With a clear view of abandoned baskets you will be able to remind a customer of an interrupted purchase. With lifestyle targeting you can offer contents insurance at the time your customer is purchasing their first home. With knowledge of their preferred channels you can successfully promote your new savings account. All through smarter front- and back-end digital marketing services that combine to wow your customers at just the right time.

Could a new approach to Digital Marketing transform your customer experience? You only have to look at the impact made at the ATM to understand the potential. Watch how the use of data for personalized and contextual communications helps you cross- and up-sell services while responding to real-time customer needs.

To speed up digitalization adoption, Atos engineered different integrated systems (integrated infrastructures and appliances) that have in common pre-integration, validation and possibly certification.

They deliver:

  • shortened “time to market”,
  • a one stop shop and support for simplified operations,
  • optimized investments with scalable performance.

by leveraging Atos x86 enterprise servers superior performance, scalability and quality of service.


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