February 20, 2019

5 must-have racing games in 2018

Forza Horizon 3

Forza has extended its horizons even further with its largest ever world yet set in Australia. Players drive through the vast desert, rocky canyons of the Outback and a lot more along with Australia’s Gold Coast. There are over 350 cars to choose from for the races and you can hire or fire your friends. Every car is, of course, extensively customisable.

Project Cars 2

Although Project Cars 2 has a similar amount of races as GT Sport, it has much bigger distances. Also, unlike GT Sport, Project Cars 2 features classics from the 90s, 80s and 70s here, from iconic road cars to some of the most famous racing cars ever to grace a track.

F1 2017

The official Formula 1 game gets a new version every year, but 2017 version was one of the best ever. F1 2017 features vastly improved handling, along with all the cars and tracks from the 2017 championship. For this version of the game, Codemasters also included classic F1 cars.

Dirt Rally

Dirt Perhaps the most thrilling rally game ever. Dirt Rally’s every stage tests the players differently and the challenges include snow, ice, tarmac, dirt in various weather conditions. Dirt Rally also includes officially licenced content from World Rallycross allowing the players to experience some of the fastest off-road cars, both single player and multiplayer races.

Need For Speed Payback

It just isn’t possible that this game wouldn’t make part of a best-games list. Besides being able to drive about in cars like Nissan GTR, this game also offers a comprehensive storyline complete with turbo boosts and outrageous police chases. Quite neat!

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