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Gifting Ideas for the Different Days of the Valentine’s Week


Love is a special bonding between two soul-mates. Valentine’s week is the week where the lovers celebrate different forms of love in a different way. Love doesn’t have to be only between couples, it can also be between siblings, cousins, friends and parents’.

Valentine’s day is celebrated for a week as Rose day, Propose day, Chocolate day, Teddy day, Promise day, Hug day and Kiss day. You can make the valentine’s week more special with different ideas for different days. Are you in confusion to select the best gift for your partner? Here are some of the gifting ideas for different days of Valentine’s week,

Rose Day

Rose is a symbol of love and purity. Celebrate this Rose day with a bouquet of red roses or send some romantic message to your loved ones.

  • You can surprise your soul mate with a bouquet of roses with a particular message or you could pen down few words about them.
  • You could also present a balloon with some beautiful love quotes all over it. Fill the balloon with some confetti’s if you want to skip writing those quotes.
  • You could gift a handmade greeting to your soul mate which would comprise of the best moments with each other.
  • If you want to gift something unique to your girlfriend, go for some floral scented perfumes.

Propose Day

To add on some extra romance, you could take your partner on a candle-light dinner date and spend some quality time with them. Here are some of the ideas as to how you could pop the question,

  • You could surprise your partner with a beautiful ring hidden in a cake and propose them.
  • You could also go on your knees to propose your partner with their favourite bunch of flowers.
  • You could propose your soul mate with some handmade greetings or a collage as well.

Chocolate Day

You can make your chocolate day even more special by presenting a bouquet of chocolates to your other half. You could also bake a cake for your partner or make a DIY chocolate hamper. Confess your love to your partner by surprising them with some of their favourite chocolates. If you are a good cook, then you could also prepare some chocolate tarts or cookies. Cooking is one of the best ways that you could use to win anyone’s heart.

Teddy Day

This day will probably be the only day where you would find all those huge teddy bears on the street. Gifting your girl with those huge huggable teddy bears would definitely make her day. This year, break all the stereotypes and gift your man these teddies.  

Promise day

Make your Valentine’s week even more special by promising to stand by your partner come what may. You could get your promises customized on the pillows, greetings, frames and mugs as well. You could also gift them a hamper with all the accessories he or she likes.

Hug Day

Hugging has many health benefits. Hugging your loved one would keep all their woes at bay. Greet your better half with a warm hug and spend some quality time with them.

Kiss Day

Kiss day is celebrated as a token of love and affection. A kiss is an expression of love that signifies your affection towards your loved one. Steal a kiss or two and let them know how important you are to them.  

Is It Worth Visiting Goa During the Monsoons?


Goa is known as the beach capital of India, which is also famous for its seafood and feni. Tourism is the primary industry of this Indian state and people visit it from all over the world.

The months from October to March suit the tourists most as the weather is perfect and they love indulging in water sports. In April and May, the weather turns humid, which results in fewer people visiting the place.

The months from June to September are when the monsoon is in full swing in the state. There are both pros and the cons of visiting Goa during this time. After weighing these pros and cons, one can decide whether it’s worth visiting Goa during the monsoons or not.

Pros of Visiting Goa in Monsoons

  • The flight tickets are dirt cheap and you can book a round trip for less than what you would pay for one side during the peak season.

  • You will get accommodation at 50% or cheaper rates during the monsoon months and that too near the most preferred beaches.

  • The iconic Dudhsagar falls of Goa are at its best. The best activity that you can indulge in Goa during monsoons is a trek up the falls and see the powerful gush of this mighty falls.

  • It is always recommended to rent a bike and zoom your way through. In monsoons, the rents come down and you can enjoy monsoon glory while driving with little drops splashing against your face.

  • One of the best places to be in Goa during monsoons is Chapora Fort. When it is cloudy, the beauty of this fort enhances multiple times.

  • During monsoons, the wildlife sanctuaries and the spice plantations become beautiful with a lush green fresh feel and all washed up.

Cons of Visiting Goa in Monsoons

  • Though the rains and the storms can be quite fascinating and dramatic to watch, the unpredictability of weather can be daunting at times.

  • The beaches are not at their best. They are a little litter-strewn and the water is murky and rough for swimming. If you want to laze on the beach, then perhaps monsoons are not the best months to do so.

  • The glory of beachside shacks is not in its prime with many of them half torn and dilapidated. If you love late night beach parties, then monsoon is not the right season for you.

If you love rain, you should be in Goa to experience it in the most beautiful way. It makes the place all the more pristine and romantic or else you can avoid Goa during this time.

Top 3 World’s Hottest Travel Destinations for 2019

best travel destinations to visit in 2019

By far, travelling has been regarded as the best way to enjoy vacations and celebrate life. While few do it for fun, few take out some time to get away from the stressful life that they might be currently dealing with. That being said nobody can deny how refreshed they feel after they come back from vacation.

In this article, we have jotted down the best travel destinations to visit in 2019 if you haven’t already:-


If you are a beach person, then Tenerife in the Canary Islands is the place to be. It is blessed with beautiful beaches, tasty restaurants and clear seas. It is one of the most popular beaches, which is regarded as the best destination for shopping, vacationing, eating and unwinding yourself. If you love having fun, you can visit the famous water parks spread across the island. People usually visit such places to have a hot and steamy sunbath and enjoy their time with family.



best travel destinations to visit in 2019

Dalaman is known for its picturesque beauty and travellers are slowly uncovering this beautiful destination. It also attracts tourists who have a keen interest in archaeology through sites like Lissay, Lidai and Cyra. Plenty of visitors visit these sites out of their personal interest and do acquire an unforgettable experience after the visit. Dalaman is known for having family-friendly hotels with kid clubs and a fun and frolic water park to calm yourself down.


best travel destinations to visit in 2019

Dubai is regarded as one of the hottest travel destinations, which every traveller has to visit at least once in a lifetime. It is a one-stop destination for all your shopping and travelling woes. You can party like there is no tomorrow. Enjoy your time in a desert safari, get a suntan, or enjoy a gigantic retail therapy at the popular Dubai malls. If you are lucky, you can even meet all the popular actors and actresses who might be found shopping in Dubai malls.

These are a few of the hottest travel destinations, which are ought to be visited in 2019. Plan your travel in advance, check for the visa details and keep exact change in the local currency to enjoy your vacations. Also, do not forget to book your hotels in advance and click plenty of pictures over there.

Why Should You Outsource Your Business’ Secretarial Functions?


Company secretarial services are one of the most important services for an organization, which can’t be undermined. The responsibilities of a company secretary are vital for every organization.

Earlier, companies had a fear of sharing their business information with outsiders thinking that it can be well managed through their in-house team. Today, there have been a lot of changes and outsourcing the company secretarial service is highly sought after by many companies, be it small-sized or medium enterprises or even start-ups. The idea of outsourcing the company secretarial service is gaining popularity all around the world.

Are you thinking of outsourcing your company’s secretarial functions? Here’s why it is a great decision.

Reduce Your Operational Costs

By outsourcing the company’s secretarial functions, you can save on various things like reduction in the cost that goes into office space, equipment such as fax machine, computers, and other electronic stuff as all of that would be taken care of by the outsourcing company.

Moreover, the company can cut down on employee insurance and health insurance costs. The money thus saved can be used on improving the business and infrastructure. By outsourcing the company’s secretarial work, you will save a lot of money, which would otherwise be utilized in training.

Improved Efficiency

Outsourcing the secretarial functions will improve the efficiency of your business. As the third party service providers are dedicated to performing only secretarial functions, they do it with more dedication and in a timely manner thereby increasing efficiency.


The company can benefit from the extensive expertise and domain-specific knowledge. You can rely on these experts in case you need any special advice or consultation as these individuals are highly trained in handling queries related to company secretarial functions.

Reducing Risks

The risks associated with company secretarial functions can be significant in terms of financial damage and penalties. Once you outsource your work to a specialized third party service provider, you can be rest assured that your business is in safe hands.

Free up Your Staff and Resources for Other Work

Resource allocation and utilization is a crucial factor for any organization, which if not dealt with properly might turn out to be fatal for an organization. By outsourcing the secretarial work, you can focus your time and energy on other important things, which need your special attention, thereby increasing the growth and progress of your business. You can allocate your resources to give you higher outputs.

Thus, by outsourcing company secretarial functions, you can focus on the core business eliminating any other distractions, thereby increasing the productivity of the organization.

How to Choose Which Casino Games to Play


If you never been to a live casino or played casino games online before, your first time can be a little overwhelming. This is especially true if you don’t know much about the games that are offered. Before you start spending that no deposit casino bonus that many online casinos will give you just for signing up, it pays to think about which gambling games suit your personality and offer you the best chance to win some money and have a lot of fun.

Choosing the right game can depend on several factors. Are you playing to win some serious cash or is your primary motive having a good time? Do you prefer simple games that don’t have a big learning curve, or do you crave the intellectual challenge of the more complex ones? Questions like these are ones you should answer before you wager your first dollar on casino games. To help you sort it out, here are five games you might want to start with and a few reasons why they might be a good fit for you.

Slot Machines

Make no mistake; slot machines are the bread and butter of any casino. The jingling bells and flashing lights are meant to distract you from the fact that slot machines account for the biggest house edge the casino can muster. Yet, despite the fact that most slot machines offer a player poor odds, these games can produce some huge wins. As in life-changing money huge. It is not uncommon for progressive slot machine jackpots to reach six figures.

Slots are also easy to play. They require no thought at all. Simply make a bet and spin the reels. The machine does the rest. Because they offer the chance at a large jackpot and are easy to play, slots should probably be one of your first game choices. Here’s another reason: you don’t need a lot of money to play them. There are plenty of penny slots that you can play for ten cents a spin or less! These games are a great way to get your feet wet in the casino and have some fun without risking the family farm. Who knows? You might just benefit from some Beginner’s Luck and walk away with a big win.

One last thing. Slots are also a great way to use bonus money from the casino. The best casino bonuses typically require you to play through the bonus amount before you can cash out the winnings. In other words, if you receive $100 in bonus cash you must wager that $100 on a game of your choice. The winnings, if any, are yours to keep. On a slot machine you can complete the play through requirement quickly and sometimes even walk away with a small profit.


Nothing could be simpler than making a simple choice between red and black right? True enough, Roulette can be one of the easiest games to play in the casino. It can also become more complex for the experienced player who likes to bet a lot of number combinations in the hopes of making a big score. Unfortunately, the tradeoff is that the odds in roulette aren’t great for the player.

But wait! “Don’t I have a fifty percent chance of winning when I bet on red or black?” you ask. No, not so much, thanks to the presence of those two little green spots on the roulette wheel–0 and 00. Those two numbers change the whole game and give the casino a significant edge. Even so, if you stick to betting on red or black and odd or even numbers, you can have a great time and manage your money wisely. Many online roulette games will let you play for as little as $1 per spin. You won’t get rich quick playing roulette, but it kind of makes you feel like James Bond, so there’s that.

Video Poker

Now, we’re getting somewhere. Finally, a game that offers decent odds for the player and is simple to master. Have you ever played draw poker with your friends? Video poker is just like that. It’s basically the slot machine version of draw poker but the odds are much better than those offered by regular slots.

The concept is simple. No matter which video poker game you are playing, always go for the royal flush. Hitting a royal is when the game really pays off, and it happens more often than you might think. But, you can’t hit a royal flush unless you draw at it. A royal flush is A-K-Q-J-10 of one suit: diamonds, spades, hearts, or clubs. You will be dealt five cards to start and then allowed to draw up to five more if you choose. Video poker games offer payouts for all standard poker hands such as two pair, a flush, or a full house. The thing is, many times the promise of one of these smaller payouts can deter you from drawing at the royal flush. The casino is counting on that.

Let’s say you receive these five cards to start: Ace of Spades, King of Spades, Ace of Diamonds, Six of Hearts, and Four of Clubs. The machine will be quick to recommend that you keep the two aces and draw three new cards. Don’t do that. Hold the two spades and draw for the royal. That’s pretty much the only strategy you need to know when playing video poker. Keep it simple. Because these machines pay back about $0.98 of every dollar wagered, they are a great way to spend your no deposit casino bonus.


Do you enjoy playing lotto? If you do, you’ll love playing keno. The game is as simple as picking a set of numbers and waiting for the next drawing. Players can choose to play a ticket with a varying number of selections. The more numbers you use on your ticket, the harder it becomes to hit them all. Of course, if you do hit them all the payout can be gigantic. Some people have won $1 million dollars playing keno. You will also win money for matching as few as three or four numbers.

While this game is perfect for beginners because it is so simple, the odds are what you would expect. It is just as hard to win a huge keno jackpot as it is to win the lottery, but playing the game is cheap and there is a certain adrenaline rush as you wait to see which numbers will be drawn.


Without question, blackjack should be on your list of must-play games. It is relatively simple and, when you know some very basic strategy, the game offers the best odds of any table game in the casino for the player.

Playing blackjack is straightforward. You are dealt two cards and are trying to make a total of 21 or as close to it as you can get without going over. Aces count as one or eleven, tens and face cards count as ten, and every other card is assigned its face value. The dealer is your opponent. If the dealer gets closer to 21 than you do, you lose. If the dealer goes over, you win every time as long as you do not also go over or “bust.” An ace and a ten-value card are called a blackjack and is an immediate winner provided the dealer does not also have a blackjack.

Without going into a full discussion of how to play blackjack, here’s the deal. Pick up a book on basic blackjack strategy. There are literally hundreds to choose from. Study it. You can even purchase strategy cards that can be placed in your pocket for reference. Stick to basic strategy, bet the minimum, and take your time to learn. Once you do, you’ll realize that blackjack offers you a great chance to make a profit.

Make Your Car Cabin’s Ambience Pure with Car Air Purifiers

kent magic

You can buy a sophisticated, modern and technologically superior car, but it has to run on the same city roads that are choking with pollution. It is a well-known fact that the air inside the vehicle is most of the times more polluted than that outside. Researchers have often compared a car to a box that keeps collecting and accumulating toxic gases and pollutants from all around.

kent magic

When you open your car door or roll down its windows, the pollutants present in the outdoor enter your vehicles. These pollutants can be released by vehicular traffic on the road, the dust released by ongoing construction, dirt, pollen, microorganisms present in air etc.

Using a car air purifier is therefore highly recommended to purify the indoor air in the car.

Why Is It Important to Have a Car Air Purifier?

It is important to have a car air purifier because the polluted air, though bad for all the car occupants, has detrimental effects on kids and the elderly. This is because they have weak immune systems. Research also suggests that the polluted air is more concentrated in the back of the car rather than in front and kids and the elderly are generally the ones who occupy the rear seats.

How Does a Car Air Purifier Help?

A car air purifier is a small device that is specifically designed to be used in the car. It equips a small space and works relentlessly purifying the indoor air and makes it fresh to breathe. A good car air purifier comes with an inbuilt HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter, which sucks in and removes all the particulate matter that is suspended in the indoor air. The air purifier also traps all allergens present in the air inside the car cabin, including dander, mould, spores, pollens, dust mites etc.

There are many car purifiers in the market in a very wide price range. The price is directly proportional to the features included. Always go with a trusted and branded name, which offers a compact yet powerful purifier with HEPA filter. Those purifiers that come with HEPA though a bit costly, are the most effective ones available in the market today when it comes to purifying the air. The purifiers also have a running and maintenance cost associated with it. Any high-quality product available in the market today besides making use of the best technology is also designed in such a manner that they consume minimal energy. So while comparing its cost with the other cheaper models, you should keep all these factors in mind.

A car air purifier is an excellent gift of technology that helps to breathe in safe and clean air while commuting in your car. It sits in a small place and quietly does its job while you and your loved ones enjoy the drive breathing in clean air irrespective of all the pollutants present outside.